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Turf Company offers Project and Construction Management services, from roof replacement and window installations to apartment renovations and remodeling.  Please take a look at some current projects taking place throughout New York City.
Weatherization Project:
Using a combination of funding from New York State and Private money, Turf Company oversaw the installation of over 400 windows, thousands of feet of pipe insulation, roof cavity insulation and delivery and installation of new light fixtures. Weatherization was preformed on 3 buildings totaling over 100 apartments.
RESULTS: These measures dramatically reduced heating costs by up to 30% per building.
Delivery of Roof Cavity Insulation 
Cutting an opening for work in Cavity
Blowing Insulation into Cavity
Cavity before Insualtion
Making sure we got enough
Insulation complete with new mushroom cap!
Basement Insulation on Hot Water pipes and Steam Risers
Boiler Room Insulation being installed