7 Front Street
Second Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: 718-852-3323
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John T., Founder
After having been a tenant organizer for several years in the early 1980’s in Brooklyn, John’s goal was to
encourage low-to-moderate income tenants to become apartment owners so as to assure their security
in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. To that end, he converted several buildings into cooperatives
in Brooklyn and Manhattan. TURF Co. still manages and/or owns these apartments today. He also
contracted with N.Y. City Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development to manage, rehabilitate and
ultimately own distressed apartment houses in Brooklyn. Consequently, he built TURF Company into
an extensive management and ownership business that serves a range of tenants and owners. With
an owner’s eye for efficiency and a sympathetic consciousness of tenants’ concerns, John has led a
company that understands the needs of both tenants and owners.

John F., Property Manager
John has over 25 years of real estate management and construction experience and has been a key
member of the staff at TURF since 1989. Upon graduating Cum Laude from Brooklyn College, John
began working for the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development as a Property Manager
for a couple of years gaining valuable, real world experience. In his years at TURF, John has overseen
not only the complete day to day management of many multifamily Condo, Co-op, & rental properties
but supervised and completed many substantial renovations, violation removal, complete gut rehabs,
and new construction as well. John strives to make each Board and Landlord feel as if they are his only
client with a tireless work ethic, commitment , and personal attention.
TURF Company employs a staff of five people in our downtown Brooklyn office, as well as on-site superintendents in most of our buildings. A field manager assists us with the Manhattan properties. We have our own construction company that performs most of the renovation work in all the buildings. Otherwise we draw upon an experienced list of professional trades people to do the major rehabilitation.
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Evan T., Property Manager
Ana J., Accountant
Evan is the newest member to the Turf management team having graduated college in 2005.  He has taken over the role of Energy Efficiency Consultant, ensuring all building systems are running at peak performance.  Recently, he oversaw the weatherization updates of three apartment buildings where new windows, roof and pipe insulation as well as refrigerators, to name a few cost saving measures.  Water and Fuel consumption are closely monitored and evaluated on a daily basis in order to react to any abnormalities in a building's consumption patterns.  We will work closely with building owners and landlords to make sure everything is running as best as possibly and you are saving the most amount of money you can.  

Anna has over 30 years experience in finances, 25 of them with TURF Company. She is responsible for all aspects of
accounting including handling of MBR’s, MCI’s, fuel adjustments and dealing with city & state offices
such as HPD, DHCR, SECTION 8.  Anna does lease execution for residential and commercial tenants to
monthly billing of rent and maintenance as well as providing our clients with detailed monthly and yearly reports.